Android custom splash screen

Part of generating a custom splash screen for your android device is complex for some, tracking down and getting rgb2565 to convert your image and doing all the checking can be quite daunting. To this end I've created this page to take your images and give you the rgb565 file back.

Simply find or create the image you want as your splash screen and upload it here, your image will then be displayed with the rest below for you to click on and download the converted rgb565 file.

Once downloaded you'll have to have the fastboot binary and the android SDK installed and in your path with a functioning usb connection. Restart your device into fastboot mode (back button whilst powering on for HTC magic) and connect the usb, your phone should then display "fastboot usb". Test the fastboot usb connection:

# fastboot devices

change into the directory you saved the downloaded rgb565 file in and run the following command:

# fastboot flash splash1 NAME_OF_FILE.raw565

Then reboot the phone to see your new splash screen

# fastboot reboot


You may be able to do this on the phone as long as you've got root. I've not tested this so cannot confirm at this time:
I've been playing with this and flash_image doesn't seem to support splash1, it supports boot and recovery so DO NOT TRY THIS.

$ su 
$ flash_image splash1 NAME_OF_FILE.raw565

Add a new file, must be PNG format and of size 320x480.

Choose a file to upload:
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